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So, Can You Please Tell Me how to Judge a Cabinet´┐Ż??s Quality?

Posted by xtian984 on April 2, 2015 at 6:25 PM

As we are all aware, most of the time, production cabinets do not match the quality of homemade cabinets, but they do offer consistency. Usually stock cabinets are manufactured with demanding tolerances to ensuring quality. Sometimes, in the writer’s opinion, with the sophisticated equipment in use today, the quality of manufacturing is sometimes superior to what some small cabinet builders can offer.

Make sure that the hinges are adjustable and find them if the style is hidden – ask questions. Have you ever the saying, “No question is a dumb question”.

One advantage in buying stock cabinets is that you can inspect them and shop around before you buy. Have you ever heard of “not all kitchen cabinets are made the same”; that statement applies in this case.

The cabinets that are too marked down are marked down for a reason in my opinion. Watch for photo-simulated wood grain, paper-thin laminates, low quality or mismatched woods and haphazard joinery.

Make sure to check the drawer quality – dovetail joints indicate excellent construction.

Study the drawers paying attention to the details of the joinery, the quality of the inner surfaces, the fit of the pieces and how well it glides in its tracks. Is the drawer on high-quality ball-bearing extensions, moderate quality rollers or cheap plastic rollers? Make sure to check to see how far the drawer extends out.

Check the cabinet doors for proper fit and ease of action. Check any edge banding around the perimeter for workmanship. Pay attention to see if the hinges are adjustable and how far these doors will swing open.

Usually when buying stock cabinets, the customer pays upfront, this makes the inspection more critical than ever because once you get your cabinets home and installed, you won’t have another chance to complain about flaws in the design or workmanship.


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