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Which Mirror Should You Use to go with your New Bathroom Vanity?

Posted by xtian984 on

Okay, I have to admit that your brand new bathroom vanity is beautiful and the color matches the scheme of things in your bathroom. When I think about it, what size of mirror are you going to put on the wall? Where are you going to position it so the children in your household can see themselves in the mirror?

Truthfully, personally, I prefer a bathroom mirror that is about 2 inches smaller than the countertop. However, if you have a 60” long countertop, a 58” mirror would be stretching it a bit don’t you think? There I would advise you to get 2 mirrors.

Let’s get to the point here – that mirror should be purchased with your bathroom lighting in mind. Have you ever seen a mismatched pair of mirrors in a washroom? It is very memorable and not advisable from my standpoint at least. I would consider the color of the back splash, outlets, and whether or not you are going to put lights down each side of this mirror.

Personally, I love the oval mirrors in any bathroom; if they are positioned low enough, your children can see in the mirror as well as anyone else, but this gives a bit more flexibility as to the size of the mirror. The oval mirrors are ageless if you have a small frame or even a frameless mirror attached above your bathroom vanity.

The sides of any mirror should be 2 inches from the edges of the vanity and it should be equal on both sides. This mirror should be at least one inch from the top of your backsplash if possible. The reason I emphasize the frameless mirrors is simple – I am no good at matching the vanity and/or back splash with a mirror, so frameless it is to match my tastes.

Even though my own personal reasons may sound funny, I find that the frameless mirrors seem to give the appearance of ageless and classic beauty. I don’t find these types of mirrors to be more expensive than any of the others and I save myself a headache at the same time!

What would you match your bathroom vanity mirror to?


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