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Will Mineral Spirits Remove the Finish From my Engineered Hard Wood Floor?

Posted by xtian984 on April 2, 2015 at 12:15 AM

In some cases, this can be a safe and effective way to clean stains from your engineered hardwoods.

But (there’s that little word with a thousand meanings again), you want to be careful not to remove the finish.

Let me tell you about the meaning of the term “engineered hardwoods”. The product consists of a thin layer of genuine hardwood flooring that is glued or bonded to a manufactured surface, such as plywood. This construction drastically reduces the cost compared to traditional hardwoods.

One of the drawbacks to engineered hardwood floors is that due to the layer of actual hardwood being quite thin sometimes, engineered hardwoods cannot be sanded down and refinished the way that traditional hardwoods can. For this same reason, stain removal from engineered hardwoods can be problematic.

Because the top layer of engineered hardwood flooring is real wood it can be stained in the same manner. One of the most common cause of stains on hardwood floors is liquid. These liquid stains can be from leaks, spills, pet stains, or other causes. If liquid is cleaned up quickly, it is harmless, but if it is left on the floor for a period of time, liquids can permanently stain engineered hardwood floors.

Stains can be incurred while installing. Glue and wood dust are common causes of stains on engineered flooring. If too much glue is used to adhere the engineered hardwood to the concrete floor, it can bubble up through the seams of the flooring and be difficult to remove.

Other materials such as paint or nail polish, shoe treads, or furniture legs can also stain hardwood floors. Even the UV rays of the sun can lead to discoloration and staining of engineered hardwood floors.

The best mineral spirits for cleaning hardwood flooring is the traditional variety, not including special descriptions which can be purchased at hardwood stores, home improvement stores or paint outlets.

Please bear in mind that all mineral spirits have harmful effects if inhaled or ingested.

The writer suggests that before trying to use mineral spirits to remove the stains from your hardwoods, you should first test them in an inconspicuous area of the floor (inside a closet).

Mineral spirits generally do not remove the finish from an engineered hardwood floor. You should apply the mineral spirits with a clean, soft white cloth. Using a white cloth will allow you to see immediately if any finish is being removed from your floor. If you notice that the cloth is stained with the finish of the floor stop immediately.

Before starting anything, be sure to open windows and take other steps to fully ventilate the area. Consider a face mask and gloves to protect yourself from the potentially harmful chemicals in mineral spirits. Always use a circular motion when applying mineral spirits. Once the stain is gone, the floor can be buffed to a shine.



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