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What is the definition of a "shaker door" style on a kitchen cabinet?

Posted by xtian984 on March 25, 2015 at 12:10 AM

That is a good question and I think we all want the answer to that question! Let me try to explain some of the definitions that come to mind.

A Flat panel door has no decorative accents, only raised outer edges as a general rule of thumb. These kitchen cabinet doors are known for their clean lines and uncluttered appearance. The flat panel cabinet doors are usually associated with the modern contemporary homes, but also work well in traditional settings.

The shaker doors are the most common kitchen cabinet drawers. There are usually 5 pieces associated with the shaker door style. This is usually a simple, yet classic look and is made more for practicality rather than for decoration. These kitchen doors look good anywhere.

The Louvered doors are usually for a particular taste. The horizontal wood slats cover the front of each door and add distinctive flair to the door. All the above noted points aside, this louvered type of door are more expensive due to the intricacy of the design (installing wood slats takes more time). In my honest opinion, this type of cabinet door is excellent for areas needing ventilation and only if you enjoy dusting!

Beadboard is perfect for the homey cottage feel by giving a distinctive rustic feel to the finished product. The name, in itself, indicates an appearance of style which channels beadwork panelling. Usually, minimalists love adding a touch of flair with this look on the cabinetry, but in truth, this style adds a perfect architectural flourish to the basic kitchen cabinetry design.

Don’t forget the inset look which is engineered inside the frame of a cabinet door instead of on top which causes it to be costly, while at the same time provides a timeless look.

Last, but not least, glass doors can provide that little bit of extra décor to any kitchen and are considered to be accent doors. Usually, these glass doors are meant to show off wedding gifts, or special occasion dishes that are for display only (in most cases) and have no practical value in the home.

No matter which kitchen cabinet door style you decide on, this is intended only as a guide in order to teach you the pros and cons of each style – the rest is up to you. Your taste is what makes you distinctive; unique and it will reflect in your choice of designs in your kitchen cabinetry.

As to my tastes, I prefer to go with the shaker doors because I truly think it is a punishment to dust! Honestly, if I can get away from that dreaded exercise, I do so at every opportunity.

Based on the written words above, which kitchen cabinet doors do you prefer in your home?


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